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Because of the way many pay plans are structured, there are many thousands of Network Marketers who have not gotten to the point where they earn anything near the $500 per month. With our pay plan, many people are going to have that positive experience for the very first time. $500 coming in month after month can impact many people's lives very positively.

That, however, is just the beginning! We give you the opportunity to use this as the foundation for a much greater income - if you are willing to help us share our products and opportunities with others.

$10 Fast Start Bonus will be earned the first month on all personal referrals. Refer 2 and you are FREE with this $20/monthly membership!

BTC2infinity pay plan was designed to put money in the pockets of both the 'strong' and the 'not-so-strong'. Unlike most pay plans that do NOT pay matrix commissions in the first month when there is a Fast Start Bonus, BTC2infinity pays both Referral Fast Start Bonus and Matrix Commissions with no sponsoring required. All commissions are available for DAILY withdrawals!

Starting the second month, earn 100% Matching Bonus on *ALL personal referrals matrix earnings. *Except 2 and 4 referrals Matching Bonus earnings (we are applying 2up on matching bonus).


First time in the industry, earn 100% matching bonuses to infinity for all 2 and 4 referrals sponsored by others. Your own 2 and 4 referral are passed to your sponsor. With just 4 sales, the earning potential is mind boggling, this plan doubles Matching Bonus for every level of depth
IN EVERY PAYLINE to INFINITY! THAT'S $500, $1,000, $2,000, $4,000, $8,000 and on and on until INFINITY!

The Matching Bonus potential is $500 monthly, however, our script works based on real-time so there is no need to wait for a referral to earn $500 to earn a matching bonus. If any of your referrals or those on your Power Legs earns $2.50 to $500 in their 2x3, you earn 100 percent paid daily!